24 September 2007

Cartoonish novels

I recently read a couple of "bubble gum for the mind" books. Jana Eaton, who recently endorsed C. J. Box's novels set near her home town, noted that she liked Janet Evanovich's books. A recent Evanovich book, Lean Mean Thirteen, showed up in our home and I read it.

A colorful cover tempted me to check out Elizabeth Peters' new book, Mummy Case, from the Amery Library. I read that too, but like the Evanovich book, it was more a skimming exercise.

Here's what I really want: Evanovich should find a cartoonist and transform her book into a graphic novel. The action and behaviors in the book are quite like those in a comic book. I'd like the book more if I could look at drawings and see some frames that had big blazing stars with graphic words in them (like "BOOM!!!). Instead I had to read through lots of descriptions and dialogue to get to the action. Maybe Art Spiegelman could be persuaded to do a "lite" version of his usually dark style for this project.

Peters' book, on the other hand should be a cartoon. Maybe in the style of The Family Guy. The 4-year-old Ramses in this book is a dead ringer for Stewie. Of course it might be more appropriate if the cartoonist animated in some late 19th century style, but it won't be as much fun for me. The action in Mummy Case is extravagant and the characters are cartoon heroes. Wouldn't you want to see a 4-year-old archaeologist/genius/super hero? And Peters' humor is worthy of cartoon treatment.

Nancy tells me I might not have a proper appreciation for either of these books since I have not read any of the numerous earlier books in either series. You can use the comment link below to tell me more about that.

Sound like fun? Check them out.

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