28 October 2008

Fantastic fiction

A couple weeks ago, I started the second Sisters Grimm novel, The Unusual Suspects. Michael Buckley has created a fantastic world, not unlike the one Jason Fforde created. In Buckley's world, populated by fairy tale characters, http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifthe fantastic and normal world interact or at least sort of coexist.

The first Sisters Grimm novel was a mystery and, in spite of the fantasy, it was a good story. The Unusual Suspects is not as much a mystery as it was an adventure. A little girl and her littler sister join their grandmother to end a threat by maverick fairy tale characters, including the elementary school principal, Mr. Hamlein, who once was famous for piping a village full of kids into a mountain.

This book was more a book for young readers than the first one. I didn't like it as much. What would you expect from somebody who hasn't been young for a long time.

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