31 October 2009

Solid mystery

Almost 10 years ago, son Jim gave me a volume containing three Harry Bosch mysteries by Michael Connolly. Jim had been reading the Bosch novels and knew I liked mysteries, so it was a great gift. And three in one was quite a deal.

Way back then I read the first novel The Black Echo. I took the book up to the cabin called Sidetrack, where I do a lot of reading. Then it got "buried" on a bedside table until this fall.

On one of those last clean up days at Sidetrack I started reading The Concrete Blonde. I finished cleaning and closing up the cabin before I finished the novel. So, it came home.

Like Connolly's other novels, this one is straight forward and well-paced. Nothing fancy and nothing subtle. Nothing fanciful either. Enjoyable reading. No wonder he sells so many books.

Harry Bosch, like so many mysteries' main characters, is a tough semi-renegade, dogged investigator. You'd want him on your side, but judges and his bosses might be worried about what Bosch might do. I'm ambivalent about the character even though I like the stories.

In this one, a body is found in the poured concrete structure of a building being torn down. It seems to be a victim of a serial killer from some time ago. But not everything fits, and Harry Bosch, who shot the serial killer, is part of the investigation into what looks like a copy-cat killing. Oh, and he and the city are being sued by the serial killer's family who argue that the killing wasn't justified. (See why Bosch's bosses aren't always thrilled?)

Have you read a Connolly book? Write and tell this little bit of the world what you thought of it.

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