27 June 2011

More interesting books

  • The Future Has A Past - J. California Cooper
  • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
  • The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy
  • Texas by James Michener
  • Rereading the book I wrote, Remnants, so I can write the sequel this summer!
  • Journal of a UFO Investigator by David Halperin (because when I was 7, I was a UFO investigator)
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susannah Clarke
  • Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

1 comment:

Ken Wedding said...

Carole Stoops tried to comment on these lists, but was unable to make the system work.

Here's what she wrote: "Thanks for the list.

"I tried to answer your blog but after about 4 sentences, the cursor went into spasms and I had to cancel it.

"Anyhow, my favorite of the ones I have read on the list is The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I, also, really liked, Old Filth, by Jane Gardham which is not on the list. Filth is an anacronym for failed in london, try hong kong.

"I just finished reading The Snowman by John Nesboe. It was pretty good. The plot was very intricate but you could follow it. And it was full of red herrings and surprises. The protagonist, Harry, is very likable."