25 January 2008

Books that smart people read

Books That Make You Dumb

Here's a badly mis-titled research project that has interesting results. (Interesting does not mean meaningful to me.)

It's not about books that make you dumb. It's not even about books popular with dumb people. It's about the favorite books identified by college students and the relationship of those preferences to the average SAT scores at the colleges the students attend.

But that doesn't make for a snappy title, does it? (Or an easy-to-remember URL)

Go look at the details for yourself: Books that make you dumb


Amrit said...

Interestingly, they have classified Lolita as "erotica." Although the book is (in)famous for its frank portrayal of sexual desire, I'm sure a lot of people consider it to be Nabokov's best, and most definitely a classic. Besides, if one actually reads Lolita as erotica, there's probably something wrong by today's standards, no?

Anonymous said...

lol at lolita being erotica.