27 January 2008

Tiny reviews

Rob Bingham, who had a couple careers before he braved teaching licensure and secondary physics classrooms, has written again about his reading.

In the old days of Reading as a paper newsletter, Rob wrote about some of his books and about scouting.

He's being very brief with these reviews, but they communicate:

  • Logos Run, by William C. Dietz, 2006 , AIrline read... cheery mayhem!

  • Rising Tide by Weir & Boyne, 2003, history of cold war submarines - that was my watch!

  • A Mind at a Time, Mel Levine, MD, 2002, ADD/ADHD point of view; interesting.

  • Labyrinth, Kate Mosse, 2005, Will make good movie; quick read, catchy mystery.

  • Assault on Reason, Al Gore, 2007, Well edited ... more of the unlikely should read it.

  • Age of Turbulence, Alan Greenspan, 2007, Fun, for an Econ major like me; what a neat background!

Thanks for the thoughts, Rob.

Now, everyone else can see how easy this is.

Write. Tell a little bit of the world what you think.

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