16 March 2010

Clarification of recommendation

Dan Conrad wrote to clarify his recommendation of Charles Todd's mystery. It helps to make sense of why he had pointed out the similarity to the Maisie Dobbs books.
Sorry about that--but the book I read and enjoyed is called Duty to the Dead and is the first in what is planned to be a series of "Bess Crawford Mysteries."

The novel is set in the period around WWI and the Bess Crawford character is an Army nurse -- and thus the comparison to Maisie Dobbs. I've not read any of their books featuring Ian Rutledge so can't comment on the book you read--but it doesn't sound nearly as engaging as Duty to the Dead. I think I'll just wait for the next Bess Crawford installment.

Guess that will teach me to read recommendations more carefully AND not be quick to read an author's first book.

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