10 January 2010

Early in the last century

Dan Conrad wrote with another enthusiastic recommendation.
After reading your latest blog, I may be adding to your reading load by suggesting something that could put you even further behind.

I just finished Duty to the Dead by Charles Todd and it is, in my opinion, a terrific book. Its the first in what they promise to be a series of Bess Crawford mysteries.

Actually, I think Jacqueline Winspear could have a copyright case against them as Bess Crawford is so like Masie Dobbs you could switch the names and never suspect the difference: she's a plucky WWI British nurse to start with.

Still it is, if anything, even better. The characters are so interesting I didn't even notice that 90 pages had gone by and there was no real mystery yet, just a highly engaging narrative. But once the mystery starts to unravel, well, don't plan on going to bed early.

I am also wondering if you have read other books by the mother-son team that goes by the name Charles Todd. I see they have a whole series of mysteries featuring Ian Rutledge and am wondering if you are aquainted with those. This is the first I have heard of Charles Todd, but I suspect that's not the case with you.

First, this is the first I've heard of Charles Todd (whoever they may be).

Second, even if it's merely as good a Masie Dobbs story, it will probably be worth my time.

Third, I found A Carrion Death by Michael Stanley at the Northfield Library and began reading it today while David and I were at the laundromat (five loads for the family this week and doing them simultaneously rather than sequentially was worth a trip to the south edge of town). So far, Gary Sankary is on target: it's an engaging story about an exotic place.

And Michael Stanley, like Charles Todd, is a pseudonym for a pair of writers. One of the pair who make up Michael Stanley has Minnesota connections.

Fourth, I still have Echo Park by Michael Connolly and Voices by Arnaldur Indriðason to write about (and Voices is very good).

Fifth, reading good books at leisure is not a burden ("adding to your reading load"). And, as an old retired guy, I have more leisure than most people and more than I used to have, so recommendations are always welcome. Even if the list grows longer. (I have another Arnaldur Indriðason book on my bedside table already.)

What to do first? What to do first?

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Kit Naylor said...

Michael Stanley is the pseudonym of writing team Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip. Stan lives in Mpls part time and is a dear friend. So glad you enjoyed his book. Will let him know.