21 January 2010

Questions, questions

Bird Loomis wrote after reading about my experience with Michael Connelly on CD:

"Never been a bad Harry Bosch book. It is interesting to read about aging detectives. Just read the most recent Ian Rankin book, in which Inspector Rebus finally retires. Does an author have his /her protagonist age or not? What I like about Bosch and Rebus is that they reflect back on the past, sometimes addressing issues from past cases. K.C Constantine had Mario Balzac retire, bu tit didn't quite work. I wonder if Rebus will find a way back?"

All I can add is that somewhere I read that Connelly has written a book about Harry Bosch's younger half-brother. Harry might get to retire and Connelly could write on.

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Anonymous said...

All good things come to an end. .........................................