05 January 2010

Tell this little bit of the world...

I keep inviting you to offer your opinions on books here.

If you write about a book, like Bird Loomis did recently, your words get published as a regular blog entry.

However, if you offer a comment on something already written here, I have been adding those as "Comments" on the original.

Turns out that I didn't realize how thoroughly those "Comments" were buried in the blog.

Oops! Sorry.

For instance, Dan Conrad responded to my negative reaction to Kjell Eriksson's book. A couple weeks later, he asked if I'd missed his comments.

I hadn't missed the comments, I'd thoughtlessly buried them in the "Comments" section.

From now on, your comments will become new blog entries with a link to the original entry.

Here's how Dan reacted to my thoughts about The Cruel Stars of the Night.
I agree. I read Cruel Stars of Night a couple years ago and quit about 1/3 of the way through (which I almost never do) as by that time I didn't care one iota what happened to any of the characters. It was so bad I have sworn off Swedish mysteries since -- except for Stieg Larsson. I see I was wise not to finish it.

I really do want to encourage you to add your 2 (or 3) cents' worth to this forum. From now on, your comments will get as much emphasis as whatever I find worth saying.

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